10 Careers for Car Lovers

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    10 Careers for Car Lovers

    What's a good career for a car lover?

    To help you identify the best careers for car lovers, we asked career coaches and automotive enthusiasts this question for their best recommendations. From Valet to Automotive Journalist to Car Dealer, there are several career options that are recommended as the best fit for people who love cars.

    Here are 10 best careers for car lovers:

    • Valet
    • Photographer
    • Rental Car Agent
    • Autobody Technician
    • Carpool Driver
    • Vehicle Restoration Specialist
    • Automotive Journalist
    • Automotive Marketing
    • Automotive Engineer
    • Car Dealer


    If you're a car lover, this is the best career option for you. A valet driver will help and fetch visitors' vehicles from a hotel, building, or restaurant. Additionally, valets will be responsible for helping guests with their bags, providing directions, greeting visitors, and providing any other guest-related assistance they may be asked to provide. But the most important thing is that they drive their vehicles to and from the parking lot.

    As a car enthusiast, here is your chance to test drive a wide variety of vehicles ranging from the exotic to everyday. To become a valet, you only need a high school graduation or GED equivalent and a valid driver's license.

    Jay Bats, ContentBASE


    Photos are the best way for any car lover to show off their collection! If you have ever wanted to post a picture of your beloved car, you know how difficult it can be for some to get the right pic to share with your community. If you have a passion for photography, you can totally utilize that skill for yourself, as well as other contacts you have in the car lover community. Build your portfolio and post them online for other creators to see your skills and possibly connect with you to create awesome pictures of their sweet rides.

    Brandon Brown, GRIN

    Rental Car Agent

    Rental car agent is a career that allows all car lovers to share their passion - and make money on it! In this profession, you are responsible for telling your customers about available vehicles, finding a perfect car for them, and checking the car’s condition when it’s returned. Therefore, your knowledge about vehicles is invaluable. At the same time, this career option is satisfying and well-paid, and with the growing popularity of car-rental trips, it is still in high demand.

    Karolina Zajac, Passport Photo Online

    Autobody Technician

    This, in my opinion, is the best career option for automotive lovers. Vehicles damaged in an accident or other occurrence are restored to like-new condition by an autobody professional. Removing old parts and installing new ones; mending scratches; filling holes; and reversing any other damage are all part of their job. Car inspections, engine tune-ups, and oil changes are just a few of the preventative maintenance tasks you'll be required to undertake on a daily basis.

    Formal training or on-the-job training can be obtained following graduation from high school. In today's market, it may be better to get a trade education first before entering the workforce.

    Gerrid Smith, Fortis Medical Billing

    Carpool Driver

    This, in my opinion, is the best career route for car lovers. Many drivers are turning to ride-sharing services like Uber, Lyft, or Turo to augment their income. Despite the fact that these occupations have received a lot of bad news recently, many drivers are still choosing to work for these companies.

    It's hard to argue with the benefits of being able to work from home, visiting some of the top attractions in the city, and meeting a wide variety of people in the process! (good and bad). As a result, it isn't for everyone because it demands exceptional driving abilities, organizational skills via mobile apps and basic accounting skills. Having a driver's license, a reliable vehicle, and a smartphone are all you need.

    Sumit Bansal, TrumpExcel

    Vehicle Restoration Specialist

    This, in my opinion, is the best career option for car lovers. Currently, classic automobiles are in high demand. Whether it's a 1920s Ford Model-T, a 1950s hot rod, or a '80s Ferrari or Porsche, auto enthusiasts are buying these classic cars for fun or as investments. As a result, there's a big need for restorers right now.

    When it comes to working on automobiles, you can either restore them the way they were originally built, or you may restore them with the latest technology and advances to bring them into the 21st century. This employment requires a high school education and specialized or on-the-job training like other technical positions. However, it's a fantastic alternative for automotive aficionados who want to learn more about the history of automobiles.

    Kenny Kline, BarBend

    Automotive Journalist

    In journalism, it helps to be passionate about the thing you're writing about. If you're a car lover and you love writing, then the world of automotive journalism might be the perfect career for you. As an automotive journalist, you'll be tasked with driving and reviewing brand new cars. You will also be asked to create video, audio and written content covering everything from new road safety laws to the future of motor vehicles. You can create your own blog or work in-house at popular automotive magazines. The choice is yours!

    Neil Thacker
    Neil ThackerFounder, Casual Car Guide

    Automotive Marketing

    Automotive marketing can be an ideal career for a car lover. If you are skilled at making an impression through visual design, this automotive marketing could be perfect for you. You can collaborate with manufacturers, dealerships, service providers, or after-market companies. Duties can include spreading knowledge as a press representative, creating banners or online flyers for digital marketing, or managing social media accounts. Definitely something to explore if you love cars and sharing your automotive knowledge.

    Gerald Lombardo, The Word Counter

    Automotive Engineer

    Engineers ensure that cars meet specific safety standards, energy efficiency, and emissions regulations. They also make sure that the cars are built properly and don't fall apart easily when driven around town. Engineers tend to have degrees in engineering or science fields such as physics or chemistry.

    Ivy Bosibori, USBadCreditLoans

    Car Dealer

    If you're a vehicle enthusiast, this is the best career route for you. Everyone can tell when you're passionate about something. Eventually, your enthusiasm becomes contagious, which is a terrific quality for a car dealership to have. If you're looking to buy or sell a car, you'll need a car dealer. You'll need to talk about financing choices and warranties; you'll need to collect payments; and you'll need to take customers out for a test drive.

    While a high school diploma is required to operate as a car salesman, two other types of training are more common: coursework in finance or public speaking, as well as specialized training in automotive technology.

    David Janssen, VPNOverview